[Edwin] In the early 80's, while still in secondary school, RSG Coevorden, Edwin spent quite some time in the darkroom and learned all about film development spools, exposure (dodging and burning), photo paper development fluids, stop baths, fixation, washing and drying. Black-and-white only. Times have changed... In the 90's he took countless pictures using color film, although this was mostly to support his plane-spotting hobby and to document several holiday trips.

His interest in photography really came alive again with the introduction of the digital cameras and he seriously picked up photography sometime during 1999 and hasn't stopped since. In 2005, his first ever Digital SLR, a Canon EOS 350D, marked the next milestone. It wasn't until 2009 that he realized that what he called "photography" was in reality best characterized as "running around in circles" and that in order to raise the bar, he would have to focus (pun intended) and plan ahead. He attended several workshops by inspiring and renowned photographers like Bas Meelker and Schoffie and learned to master photography to a degree that far exceeded his wildest expectations.

In 2012 he felt that the knowledge he gained justified upgrading his gear and decided to go full-frame with the Canon EOS 5D Mk II. Nowadays, Edwin is a passionate outdoor photographer specializing in landscape photography.

If you would like to contact Edwin, email to is what he prefers. For private email, his PGP/GnuPG public key and/or S/MIME CAcert certificate are available.